FORT WORTH (WFAA) -- Cold weather can be a matter of life and death, especially for the homeless population. On Tuesday, Houston Police said they believe two people died overnight due to staying out in below freezing temperatures.

In Tarrant County, the nonprofit Hands of Hope drives around looking under bridges, in shopping centers or any other place where someone may have set up a campsite to spend the night.

“We are trying to engage with them to let them know a shelter is available,” said Ramsey. “A lot of times when they are away from the shelter district, they are not aware the shelter is available.”

Emergency shelters open to help protect people from the weather but Ramsey said some still are reluctant.

“They may have had a bad experience in the past or feel they cannot go,” he said. “Our goal is to re-engage with them. If they go to the emergency shelter, they will not be turned away.”

In addition to handing out flyers and information about the shelters, Hands of Hope also tries to provide a kit that includes hygiene items to help people survive homelessness. They will also provide transportation to the shelter at Broadway Baptist Church, 421 May Street in Fort Worth if needed.

You can receive text message alerts when the cold weather overflow shelter is open by texting CFWDIRHOME to 888777.