Pop-up showers and storms will be possible Sunday afternoon in North Texas. Overall coverage looks to be around 20%-30%, which means most of North Texas stays dry. A little higher coverage is possible in parts of Central Texas into East Texas.

Don't cancel outdoor plans today, but keep an eye on the sky if you are outdoors.

If you see a thunderstorm today, the severe weather threat is very low. However, any thunderstorms will likely have very heavy rainfall and frequent lightning. Strongest storms could have some gusty winds as well.

Any showers or storms will come to a close as we lose the heat of the day. Between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m., almost all showers or storms will have fizzled out.

On Monday, pop-up showers and storms are possible once again, but coverage looks even lower. North Texas coverage on Monday looks to be only around 10%-20%.

The rest of the week is looking rain-free with the heat building through the week. High pressure moves closer to overhead and the heat dome builds across the central part of the U.S. What this means for North Texas is above normal heat and a dry forecast. Temps late week and into next weekend will likely be at or around 100°.