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How you can cut your energy costs in Texas

Create a climate-friendly home while saving money!

DALLAS — Jan. 10 is known as Cut Your Energy Costs Day, and it encourages consumers to check out homes to make sure money is not being wasted. By improving efficiency, energy costs are lower. 

It is pretty simple: Use less electricity and pay for less electricity. 

Credit: WFAA

Here are a few tips from Climate Central, which include using:

  • high-efficiency heat pump
  • smart thermostat
  • energy smart appliances
  • LED lighting
  • proper insulation 
    • using energy efficient windows or making sure windows are sealed properly 
    • using blinds to keep heat out during the day or keep heat in during the night 

According to Climate Central, residential and commercial buildings account for 13% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the US. The largest contributor to a home's carbon footprint is heating and cooling. This accounts for near 38% CO2 emissions that come from homes. With these numbers, it is no surprise that the biggest cost saving tip is proper insulation in order to heat and cool your home efficiently. Cooking meals, lighting homes and household appliances account for 24% of emissions. 

Credit: WFAA

Applying these easy energy saving tips can save the average Texan home near 391 dollars per year. This would translate to 1.6 tons of CO2 emission reduction per home per year. 

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