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This weekend will be hot, muggy in Dallas-Fort Worth

An air quality alert has been issued Sunday for all counties in the D-FW area.

Updated 7 AM Sunday--

Hot weather will continue across the Dallas-Fort Worth area this weekend with high temperatures today reaching the upper 90s. 

It will feel especially hot because of the humidity.

Credit: WFAA
High Temperatures Today

There is a lot of moisture in the air right now, so this will cause or dew point temperatures to be in the lower 70s. The dew point is the measure of moisture in the air and when the dew point temperature is higher the more moisture is in the air. 

The more moisture in the air the heavier it will feel when you are out either working in it or enjoying your day.  

Credit: WFAA

These hot and humid conditions will create poor air quality across D-FW. 

There is a air quality alert for all of the counties in the area Sunday. 

The air quality can negatively impact sensitive groups, including elderly people, babies and those who suffer from asthma. To help prevent these air quality conditions, try carpooling, conserve energy and walk or ride your bike instead of driving.

Heat safety tips:

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Heat Safety

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