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We asked you about being stuck in holiday travel hell. Here are your stories.

On Monday, we asked you to share your holiday travel hell stories with us. Here are some of the ones you shared.

DALLAS — The holiday travel season has been a struggle, especially if you're flying.

Thousands of cancellations piled up across the country, as wintry weather led to widespread issues for airlines.

Even though the weather in North Texas hasn't been severe - aside from the bitter temperatures - we've seen our share of delays and cancellations. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is a major hub airport for American Airlines, and Dallas Love Field is the same for Southwest Airlines.

To check on the latest status of flights in and out of DFW and Love Field, click here.

On Monday, we asked you to share your holiday travel hell stories with us. Here are some of those stories you shared with us: 

"I was supposed to fly to Seattle Friday night on Southwest Airlines. When I arrived at the airport, I was told my flight was delayed 30 minutes. That was okay with me. By the time I arrived at my gate, the flight was cancelled. I got in a line that [was] a mile long (1.5 hours of waiting). The agent found one seat going to Vegas and on to Seattle. Woo hoo!! I took it. Thirty minutes before boarding, that flight was cancelled also. Back in line I went for a 3 hour wait. There was nothing available until Tuesday. I called my brother to drive back to Dallas to pick me up. I was told my luggage would end up in Seattle. The baggage line was just too much for me to deal with. I got home at 4:00 am Saturday. Luckily, I only live an hour from Dallas. On my way home, I booked a flight for Monday on AA. It says it’s on time, so I am hoping I will be in Seattle tonight. Oh, my air tag says my luggage is in Denver. That’s another problem. I have been on hold with SW for 8 hours and finally got cut off. I just hope I can get home Saturday when I am supposed to return. I have school on Monday!!"

-Debbie K.

"Our flight from Dallas to Denver got cancelled at 3:30 a.m. ... the phone and website were down, so I headed to the airport to talk to an agent. The line was over 500 people. After waiting without any movement, I went home and was able to book a flight that became available for 9:00 a.m. We headed back to the airport and waited until it was an hour 'til our flight with no delays to check out bags. Well, then started the delays that happened for hours while we sat on the floor because there weren’t seats. Finally, at noon, they cancelled the flight without announcing it. I happened to see it on my phone – though it didn’t alert me. We waited in line until 4:00 p.m. to get bags checked to be told they would be sent to Denver without us. There are no flights for over a week, and they haven’t rebooked us. We can’t go on the trip because we don’t have any of our stuff. They made it pretty clear we wouldn’t be seeing these bags again. Oh, and the 12 hours at the airport were all to celebrate my fiancés 30th birthday. Concert tickets, rental car, ski and lift rentals, hotel ... too late to refund! I haven’t had any contact from Southwest or an attempt to book a new flight or refund us for our cancelled flights."

-Katie L.

"First, the 23rd we departed late because Southwest didn’t have enough workers! Checked in to depart on the 26th and been here since 11 a.m., and they cancel all flights 30 mins before I board!!! Then, wait in line for 3 hours to be told I can’t leave until the 30th at 8 p.m.!!!! Told to come back everyday to see if there is another flight! With a voucher for a room!! I have a job that’s not allowing this, so I’m screwed!!!!"

-VaDronica W.

"My husband and I along with our two young children (5 and 2) traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for family funeral. We were scheduled to fly back to Dallas on Thursday, but due to Winter Storm Elliott, our flight was cancelled. We rescheduled our flight for Friday, December 23rd, which was then cancelled. We rescheduled our flight again for Sunday, December 25th. We went to check into the flight on the 24th which is when we discovered Southwest completely dropped us from the flight without any notification/email/text. It was as if the flight was never booked in the first place and Southwest ran away with our money. After four hours on hold, we finally reached customer service who was no help at all. They stated SW already refunded our money and we needed to find an alternative way back to Dallas. We told them our money was not refunded then customer service proceeded to tell us that they were going to refund us and that they suggested we find another way home. We asked for confirmation of the refund and they said they could not provide us confirmation. We said that we needed some type of confirmation of refund before we hung up since it’s impossible to reach someone. Customer service states they just sent us a confirmation email. Which we trusted them and shouldn’t have. Once we received the email, we realized customer service forwarded us our original booking confirmation email. We still have not received our refund of $1,800 and cannot reach anyone at customer service. We completely understand the cancelled flights and delays due to the weather, but at this point Southwest is profiting off their customers with dropping people from flights without any notice, no refunds and now their phone lines aren’t working. This is messing with peoples lives and finances at an already tight financial time of year. Due to uncertainty and lack of communication of Southwest and the earliest flight back to Dallas was on Thursday, 12/29, we decided that the only other option was to rent a vehicle and start driving back to Texas. Since they dropped us from our rescheduled flight without communication or any type of explanation, we were worried they could do the same for the future flights. On Christmas Eve, we found a rental car that was available at Milwaukee Airport which was our only option since the other rental car places were closed since it was Christmas Eve. Around 2 p.m. on Christmas Eve, we loaded up the rental car and started driving south. We were uncertain of the road conditions, so we were not sure what we were heading into or how far we would even get. Luckily, roads were pretty clear and stayed the night in St. Louis, MO. We spent the night in a hotel on Christmas Eve with our two small children. Woke up and continued driving towards Dallas. We made it home around 4 p.m. on Christmas Day. Currently, we are now $4,000 in expenses due to not receiving our refund, vehicle rental, gas and hotel expense."

-Amy & Steven J.

"We actually had friends traveling the day before us on Southwest that were stuck for hours at the airport that eventually got cancelled. We got up and started checking the status of our 3:00 p.m. flight to Colorado, periodically. By 9 a.m., the flight was delayed an hour and a half. We didn’t have much hope, so we cancelled our flight. After an hour, it said the flight was on time and it was a bit suspicious. We ended up beginning the 12-hour car ride and looked around 12:45 p.m. and the flight had then been cancelled. We were fortunate enough to catch it before we got stuck in the madness. Paying attention to friends experiences and the news helped us make an informed decision to cancel the flight and begin the drive to Colorado to see family."

-McKenna S.

"Our Southwest flight to Fort Lauderdale was cancelled today. Could not find a seat on any airline for today or tomorrow morning. We ended up cancelling our 11-day cruise out of Florida."

-Wanda P.

"I had a 7 p.m. flight from Dallas to Chicago on Christmas Day. I arrived at the airport at 3:30 p.m. and there were a lot of flights delayed and canceled! As time got closer for me to check in, I checked the screen and saw that my flight was delayed! This happened 15 more times before they finally canceled it! I found out it was canceled 30 minutes after I finally decided to check my bag, go through TSA and try to relax while charging my phone. The ONLY reason I knew it was canceled was because I checked the app! The screens hadn't been updated nor had I received an email! The emails I did receive throughout the day were delayed! They were literally hours behind! I received an email around 11:30 p.m. saying my flight was delayed until 9 p.m., however, it was already canceled by 11:30 p.m.! I have a lot more to add, but I'm saving it for my email to Southwest. I have photos and screenshots of everything! Well, I'm still waiting for my bag, and after standing in line for 2 hours, I was told I had to request my refund through email because of the fare I chose which is 'wanna get away'!"

-Lakesha P.

"Our 4:05 pm flight was initially delayed by an hour first thing in the morning yesterday. We arrived at DFW airport 3 hours in advance. Ninety minutes prior to the scheduled departure, our flight on Spirit was canceled! The line to rebook or to be refunded was hours long. They only had three-to-four representatives working to resolve the cancellation at the airport! The next flight available to rebook was December 29th; four days beyond the original date to fly to Las Vegas. We rebooked for the next available date."

-Victoria H.

"We went to Orlando to spend the Christmas holiday as a present for our boys, deciding to return on Christmas Day early to have a family day at home getting ready to get back to work. Arriving at the airport on Christmas Day at 6 a.m., we checked our bags and were at the gate and ready to go for our 8:20 a.m. flight through Southwest Airlines back to Dallas. We were told when the flight was ready to board to have a seat and there was a crew member missing (turns out it was a flight attendant), however, the crew member arrived. Crew members arrived (waiting on their next flight) ... one even offered to work the flight instead of hers and her coordinator declined her offer. We continued to wait with no information or updates. The captain of the flight even came out and talked to some people, he was ready to go. SWA kept on sending text delays for the flight well after the time stated the flight had been delayed for. Well, around 3 p.m., the flight attendant shows up. However, SWA had cancelled the flight. The captain requested for the flight to be reinstated stating he was making phone calls, however, SWA declined. We were stuck and were told to go to ticket agents to get rebooked. I waited almost 2 hours in line, on hold on the phone and looking for flights back to Dallas I had  to get to work for my 24-hour shift. I was desperate. I talked to the ticket agent and said I would rent a car with my family and drive to the another airport, and he said I should make a flight going out of Tampa connecting in New Orleans to Dallas. We desperately got a rental car and made our way to Tampa, only to arrive to another cancelled flight ... long line. It was a nightmare. We had tired kids from an all-day fiasco at the airport and a drive and now to be in the same place. No flights available ... no where to go. I had to end up paying triple what I paid for our original flights, rental car fees, more food and baggage fees. I was given flight vouchers and a hotel voucher but I am out a lot of money because of the lack of customer service. On the phone for hours today trying to receive flight refunds."

-Karina F.

"My wife and I planned to travel to Texas for the holidays to visit family. We set up tickets to fly with Southwest back in October. I guess there was a technical issue with my wife's flight because the confirmation disappeared and she couldn't check in her flight on the 22nd. They rebooked her a flight on the 23rd. Well, that flight to Chicago got canceled from Norfolk and then rebooked for the 24th for Baltimore. She got to Baltimore and then was stuck on the runway for 30 minutes because there was no staff at the gate. They finally got taxied to the gate and then she was waiting for connection to Tampa. Then, out of nowhere, it got canceled and she was stuck in Baltimore. She waited in line for 4 hours to get rebooked and got a flight to Dallas on the 25th and a travel voucher. She finally was able to fly in on Christmas Day after waiting to be taxied to her gate once again 1 hour later. We are worried now because we will be flying back on the 28th to Norfolk and think our flights will be canceled because our connection is in Baltimore. We are dual military and hopefully it wont be canceled. Still waiting to fly out on the 28th."

-Braden W.

"So let’s start from the beginning. My husband purchased my $900 ticket for me while I was deployed in the beginning of October. I was suppose to fly out December 22nd in the evening after I got off work and began my holiday stand down period, and Southwest had resold my ticket, but never refunded the money or contacted us to make us aware of the situation. I didn’t know until I tried to check into my flight the night prior. So, they rebooked me for Friday the 23rd and that flight got canceled Thursday evening. They rebooked me again for Saturday the 24th, and I flew from Norfolk to Baltimore, where I was supposed to get a connection to Tampa and ultimately end in Dallas. My flight to Tampa was canceled, and I was stranded in Baltimore for the night. I had to wait 5 hours to get a rebooking after getting yelled at by several Southwest employees that “this is not my job to help you.” I ended up having to sleep in the baggage claim area. All the vending machines where shut down and stores as well, so no access to food or water for the night. I was finally able to get to Dallas on Christmas Day in the late afternoon. We landed around noon and sat on the tarmac until 1:40 due to 'short staff,' and the plane that was at our gate not being able to leave. I ended up missing Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my 19-month-old, who I had been away from for 3 months, and am going to be away from due to deployment for most of 2023. So, thank you Southwest Airlines for not having your stuff together and making me miss a Christmas I should not have with my child. But it’s okay, all next year while I’m deployed and missing more time from my child, I can solace in the fact that I will not be flying with them again for the holidays after being talked to the way I was by employees. I was rebooked for a flight to Dallas that had a layover in St. Louis for Christmas Day. They did give me a $200 flight voucher that doesn’t expire until Christmas 2023, but like I said I will be deployed all year, so doesn’t really do anything for me."

-Virginia C.

"My brother flew into DFW from Cincinnati for my knee surgery and for Christmas. He had a return flight booked on 12/26 with Southwest so he could start his new job in Cincinnati on 12/27. Southwest never told us the flight was cancelled. It showed 'on time.' But less than an hour before departure when my brother was already at Love Field, I found out flight was cancelled by checking the flight status online. I tried to re-book, but nothing was available until 12/29. We called Southwest and were on hold for 3 hours with no answer. Southwest wouldn’t refund us. They only gave credit to fly again. I had to book another flight for my brother, this time to fly out of DFW. I had to pay over $100 extra, plus an Uber ride. My brother flew out of DFW @ 6:40 p.m. and landed at 9:48 p.m. in Cincinnati. We used American Airlines. This fiasco from Southwest is unacceptable and it cost us a lot of extra money. But I am also concerned for those stranded who don’t have extra money to buy a flight with another airline. And I’m also worried for those who can’t afford to leave the amount of the cancelled flight with Southwest while that company earns interest from abandoning customers minutes before take-off. Please share our story! Thanks for all you do! WFAA is the only news choice for us!"

-Molly & Ryan B.

"My 5-year-old son and I were supposed to fly home from visiting my boyfriend's family in Ft. Lauderdale on Christmas Eve. The flight was delayed a few times over 2 hours, then canceled at the last minute. On Christmas morning, I spent nearly 4 hours on hold for them to book us on a flight with a connection in New Orleans for Monday the 26th. The first flight was delayed 2 hours, but we made it to New Orleans just in time to catch the next flight. Unfortunately, it was then canceled with no warning. The woman picked up the phone ... made the announcement “sorry your flights is cancelled” then walked away offering no help. There were over 200 people in line to talk to the 1 person working the service desk. I managed to book a rental car from my phone, so I took my two weeks of luggage and tired 5-year-old on the shuttle 20 minutes to the rental car place, only to be told they aren’t honoring same-day reservations because they don’t have enough cars. Then, I shuttled back to the airport and booked a $200 hotel room. When I got to the room, I stepped on a fish hook and the bathroom was full of ants. I was told they are so busy, they don’t have time to clean the rooms. Then, I spent over $600 on an American Airlines flight tomorrow at 7 p.m. for us to get home. Hoping it happens, I told my son that Santa will come back when we get home. All of his toys are still stashed because we were supposed to be home Christmas Eve. It hasn’t. Over $800 spent and we are still in New Orleans hoping to be home tomorrow evening."

-Heather C.

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Office of Aviation Consumer Protection reviews and responds to the customer complaints and reviews. They have created a dashboard for travelers to check their rights, amenities and cancellations. Click here for more.

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