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Southwest increases security around unclaimed bags at Love Field

Airline officials told WFAA they added barriers and rope around customers' bags to "ensure its security while they work to reunite them with customers."

DALLAS — Southwest is increasing its security around customers' bags at Love Field as they try to reunite the luggage with the owners, airline officials told WFAA on Wednesday.

Bags are now roped off with employees monitoring them, as opposed to days past, where luggage was merely lined up against the wall in the baggage claim area.

Airline officials told WFAA the barriers and rope added to the area were to "ensuring the security of Customers’ bags as we work to reunite them to Customers."

Here is a look at the scene from Love Field on Wednesday, which was emptier than the past few days: 

Mike and Pat Mullin were two of the lucky passengers who not only didn't have a delayed or canceled flight, but they also had all seven of their bags get back to Dallas safely.

They recently flew to Denver to visit family but got in before the winter storm hit. They then flew back Wednesday, even though the previous few days, the status of their flight was "canceled."

"It never did let us know that we actually could get on until I got my boarding pass yesterday," Pat Mullin said. "It was sort of relief, but we wouldn't let our daughter leave the airport and leave us stranded until we knew that we were OK."

"I was really excited because I really thought up until late last night, it was still giving us an iffy report," Mike Mullin said. "You might make it out tomorrow, but we can't guarantee it."

On Wednesday afternoon, Southwest released a new customer assistance tool for those who need to locate their unclaimed bags. To fill out a lost baggage claim, visit Southwest's Lost Baggage Customer Assistance Tool

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