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Uber launches rideshare service for teens in Dallas, 13 other cities

Uber has launched teen accounts in Dallas and 13 other cities nationwide. We know parents have a lot of questions so we break it down.

DALLAS — If you're the parent of a teenager, you probably spend half your life driving them around. Between school, sports practices, events or trips to the mall, it's a never-ending cycle of go, go, go.

Dallas parents now have another option. Uber this week launched teen accounts here and in 13 other cities nationwide that will allow them to ride on their own for the first time. 

We know parents have a lot of questions so we break it down.

  • Once you set up a teen account, they'll be able to request their own rides. Don't worry. You'll be notified every time they do and with Share My Trip automatically turned on, you'll get real-time updates from pickup to dropoff. This feature can't be turned off with teen accounts. 
  • Other rideshare safety features, like PIN verification and RideCheck™, will always be automatically turned on and cannot be turned off.
  • Teen trips are destination-locked, so drivers can’t change the destination -- only your teen can.  
  • The Audio Recording feature is available for teens who opt-in. It can be set up to automatically turn on for every trip. "This feature helps encourage safe, comfortable interactions on trips," according to Uber.
  • Like all riders, teens will be able to call 911 with the emergency button.
  • Teens will be able to take trips that start and end in their city. 
  • The company plans to roll out teen accounts for Uber Eats soon. Parents will be able to keep tabs on what their kids are ordering and spending on the app, according to Uber.

While all drivers undergo background checks, there have been several cases of sexual assaults and other crimes involving Uber drivers. The company said only the highest-rated and most experienced drivers will be used for teen rides. 

The feature will be available starting on May 22. Here's more on how to set up an account. 

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