A soon-to-be-launched mobile app could make it easier to sneak past border patrol agents and enter the United States, Spanish-language TV station Telemundo 39 reports.

The app, called "Bienvenidos," promises to make "border crossing ... safer, smarter, faster" by using crowdsourced information reported by users "about the best immigration routes to cross the U.S.-Mexico Border."

Telemundo notes, "For many immigrants who live in the border zone, the app could be a very useful tool, while for others, the subject could reinforce arguments in favor of hardening immigration policies."

Bienvenidos says the app is set to release this year and that it's also coming soon to France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Greece, Netherlands and Spain.

Latin Times called the app "President Donald Trump and 'coyotes' worst nightmare," adding, "The app will not only notify the users of the most efficient routes and entry points, but will also send alerts on Border Patrol agents, drones, ground sensors, and as reported on their description, information on where hidden cameras are located."

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