Thirty-three-year-old Cody Moore of Hubbard is raising money for a new pair of glasses, but this pair costs more than most glasses you'll find at any optometrist.

Cody, who is legally blind, is raising money for a pair of the eSight glasses, a new medical device that allows people who are legally blind to see you again.

"The best way to describe it is, I told my friend to close his eyes and I asked him what he could see. Then I told him to open them and ask him what he could see. It's just like that," Moore said.

Moore's insurance does not cover the glasses, and eSight's CEO said that's the case for most of its customers. The company said it's actively trying to convince insurance providers that this device should be covered by insurance plans.

Cody lost his vision nine years ago when an illness greatly harmed his sight. He said getting the glasses would allow him to work and become a productive member of society again.

eSight representatives said the glasses are a combination of organic LED screens, advanced optics and high-resolution cameras.

Cody says $15,000 is a lot of money, but he will stop at nothing to see again.

"It sounds trite but you can't put a price tag on your vision," Moore said.

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