For a while there, you couldn't find a kid without a fidget spinner in his or her hand -- or a store, for that matter, without fidget spinners for sale.

It’s fidget spinners being sold at Target of all places that have consumer advocates livid and parents peeved.

“I would assume it was safe to buy,” said Fort Worth parent Rhonda Rich.

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group, or PIRG, said it found “extremely high” levels of lead in the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Brass and the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner metal, both sold at Target.
And they’re not just available online. WFAA found three of the fidget spinners in question hanging in the toy section inside a Fort Worth Target.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, fidget spinners are not considered toys unless they’re primarily intended for kids 12 and younger. The ones in questions are for people 14 and up, so it said on the packaging. And because they’re for 14+, the federal lead regulations for children’s products don’t apply, PIRG said.

WFAA found these fidget spinners on the same display as ones for 3-year-old children. Young children often put toys in their mouths, Dr. Justin Smith of Cook Children’s Medical Center said. And if children ingest lead, it can lead to developmental delays.

“Just because they're marketing to kids 14-16 years of age doesn’t necessarily mean a younger kid won't use it,” said SMU Marketing Professor Dan Howard.

“If it's a dangerous product, they should pull it,” he said.

Target spokeswoman Jenna Reck tells WFAA they’re "committed to providing high quality and safe products to our guests" and review product safety claims. She said there are no plans to pull the products right now.

“That it ever would be allowed in the hands of children is disappointing,” said Fort Worth mother Summer Jones.