The Dallas Cowboys are a very young football team.

"We have three guys on our roster who are 30 years or older," head coach Jason Garrett noted on Wednesday.

And of those three -- two are the kicker and long snapper. It's such a young locker room, even the late-20-somethings are feeling old.

"Yeah, there's music I haven't even heard," 28-year-old Tyrone Crawford said with a laugh. "You can't understand it either."

Just over six months ago, the Cowboys beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 28-17 in Week 9 of the regular season. After that game, members of a very good Chiefs team were calling the Cowboys 'the best team in the league'. Things went sideways from there, due to injuries and suspensions. But this is a team that isn't far off.

"Definitely, we've definitely got a lot of young talent," running back Zeke Elliott said. "Not only young, but experienced. So that's exciting to see. Excited for the years to come."

How dangerous can that be, combining that youth, with experience, and talent?

"I think we can be as dangerous as we want to be," Elliott said.

Now, keeping a young core together in the NFL, though, is not easy.

"When you have that, it's good and bad," center Travis Frederick said. "It's good in the case that, you want to grow that group together. And it's bad in the case that, if you have all these young guys that come up for contracts at the same time, you lose a guy like Anthony Hitchens that way. There's just no way that they can make it work."

But the Cowboys will try.

"I think that we do a great job as an organization of trying to keep our guys in tact," offensive coordinator Scott Linehan said.

Some aren't high on this Cowboys team, for a variety of reasons. But with how talented, and most importantly young that they are, don't be surprised if this team turns a corner soon. And stays around that corner for some time.

"You have a bunch of guys that are hungry," defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli said. "Good solid talent. Now we just gotta do our job."

"Yeah, if it all comes together, it could be special," Frederick said. "It could be a special group."