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The XFL has some weird rules. We broke down the differences from the NFL.

The XFL returns in February 2023 and they have some interesting wrinkles to its rulebook that differ from the NFL.

ARLINGTON, Texas — The XFL is back in 2023, and the league sent out its official rules for the 2023 season, which include some interesting wrinkles you may not be used to from watching NFL games. 

One of the most-notable differences is the league's "4th quarter extra possession rule." Like the NFL, a team can regain a possession after scoring by recovering an onside kick. Well, in the fourth quarter only, teams can be awarded possession of the ball after scoring by converting a 4th and 15 play from their own 25-yard line.

Here are some other notable differences between the XFL rules and NFL rules: 

Double forward pass: In the XFL, as long as the ball does not cross the line of scrimmage, teams may complete a forward pass and then throw a second pass. In the NFL, teams may only throw a second pass if the ball was thrown backwards and is also behind the line of scrimmage.

Tiered extra points: In the XFL, teams have three options for extra points after scoring a touchdown: 2-yard line = one point; 5-yard line = two points; 10-yard line = three points. 

Overtime: There is no coin toss, one-possession wins or ties. Teams take attempts from the 5-yard line. Each team has three attempts (two points per score) or until a winner is decided. (remember, no one-possession wins)*

Instant replay: XFL is also introducing a first of its kind, centralized "command center" for instant replay review and officiating led by Dean Blandino, Vice President of Officiating and Playing Rules Innovation. The fully cloud-based instant replay program offers live integration during replay reviews and oversight of officiating discrepancies during all 43 XFL games, the league said in a press release. 

“In short, we studied the positive changes in game play, player safety, and fan engagement made in 2020 and have enhanced them to make the game and the viewing experience even more engaging,” said Blandino. “We are adding a new level of transparency with our officiating that no sport has ever provided, allowing us to be more consistent with our calls when there’s a flag on the play. Instead of being separated in each stadium, my team and I will be together in the command center and will be responsible for initiating replay reviews and making streamlined decisions in real time.”

The full 2023 XFL rule book is available here.

Season info:

The XFL kicks off Feb. 19, 2023. For more information on tickets, visit, XFL.com/tickets.

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