"We could not ignore the environment that we were in," Jason Garrett says of Monday night.

"We tried to address that head on, have thoughtful conversations and come up with a plan that everyone felt good about. And I think our team did a good job of that."

Cowboys defensive end Demarcus Lawrence said there were "a lot of emotions going on before the game, and through the whole week.

He added, "hopefully we can just put this behind us."

After a weekend full of debates and disagreements, that's an understandable desire. But there is a natural question that lingers.

Do the Cowboys want to make some similar statement this weekend? Or was this a one-time deal?

"I'm sure it's something that we'll talk about with the coaching staff and the team," quarterback Dak Prescott said, "and figure out what we want to do, if we want to continue doing something like that going forward.

Do you want to, Dak?

"I mean, it's a team deal, for the most part," the quarterback responded. "That's what this organization is all about. It's about sticking together. That's what we showed there, was the unity, of not only this team, but what we're trying to accomplish, and show that message."

President Donald Trump has tweeted three times specifically about the Cowboys since Monday night. Once in criticism of their decision to kneel as a team, once applauding their decision to stand for the anthem itself, and then once this morning, saying that he spoke with the cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, and asserting that the Cowboys will stand for the country.

"Uh, well that's between them, I guess. I'm not here to judge what the President said. He's free to speech just like the rest of us are, so I mean, he's gonna say whatever he wants, and we've all figured that out."

Yes, indeed we have.