If you just looked at the box score -- 5 catches, 98 yards -- you might be tempted to think Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and wideout Dez Bryant finally got on the same page this week.

But look closer.

Dak Prescott threw the ball in Dez Bryant's direction 14 times yesterday -- 13 official targets, as one came on a penalty. And of those 14 throws, half of them were not catchable footballs.

"I missed some throws in the second half that I didn't miss in the first half, or that I can't miss, simply," Prescott said of his inaccuracy Sunday.

Now, Bryant isn't blameless -- that whiff of a drop in the third quarter didn't help matters.

But Prescott is right. He was off on Sunday. Whether it was miscommunications, throwaways, or just blatantly bad throws over Bryant's head -- Prescott missed Bryant a lot. Like the 4th quarter 2nd & 9 slant. Prescott had a clean pocket, was able to step into his throw... and missed inside.

"It's just knowing exactly where I'm going with the ball, or having a good idea where I'm going with the ball, so my feet can be in tune with my mind, and be on balance when I'm making those throws," Prescott said, trying to explain how he can improve that accuracy.

"Just gotta be more accurate, especially on two-minute drives."

And that's where Prescott is most correct. In the NFL, games are going to come down to the final possession often. The quarterback has to deliver late.

Instead, on a 15-yard dig to Dez with just over a minute to play, again with a clean pocket and time, Prescott delivered way too high.

"Just gotta be better," Prescott said. "No reason, no excuse."

He's wrong there. There are some reasons. It's not all on #4. But such is the life of an NFL quarterback. And with his approach, improvement figures to come.