What’s your favorite bit from The Simpsons?

Oh come on. Everyone has one. You don’t win friends with salad. Everything’s comin’ up Milhouse - or they’re the hardest place to add mass! Bees are on the what now? Lisa I am prepared to buy this rock from you.

Mine is: "Watch this, Lise. You can actually pinpoint the moment his heart rips in half."

It’s kind of a misnomer to say that there was a moment where the Dallas 2017 season was ripped in half. Maybe it came back in an Ohio apartment before Ezekiel Elliott was employed by Dallas. Maybe it came from an Arthur Blank-Roger Goodell preseason phone call.

But you can point to one week where Dallas had Elliott, and Tyron Smith, and Sean Lee. The offense can run without Elliott (I think). But there is significant evidence this season it cannot run without Tyron Smith. And there is no doubt the defense cannot run without Sean Lee. And by the time they get back, the pieces may be on the floor.

But this isn’t about them. This is about

The Play: 3rd and 8 at the Philadelphia 25, :52 remaining in the first half

Then, nothing was lost. The score was 9-7 thanks Mike Nugent’s third field goal, and Dallas has stuffed back Philadelphia’s first two plays and put them in third and long. Carson Wentz looked an awful lot like he took the worst of Tank Lawrence’s knee a few minutes earlier.

And Dallas brought heat to Wentz, forcing another awkward pass down the right sideline. Right to Anthony Brown, who had nothing but hopes and prayers between him and a spine-shattering touchdown to end the half.

He dropped it.

Philadelphia punted. Dallas took a knee. From the outcome of the second half, they stayed on that knee.

Hey have you noticed that Dallas isn’t very good at in-game adjustments? In games versus teams with a winning record this year, Dallas has been outscored in second halves, by a mark of 100-37..

It’s not like in-game adjustments are important. They’ll probably be ok without them.

If you want to see a trend that offers any kind of light, well… I don't have that. Except for the fact that Dallas hasn’t received a holding call from an opponent’s offensive line for almost half a season (hey, when did Jerry start blocking Goodell’s insane contract extension again?), so, the law of regression means they should get about 40 on Thursday, right?

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