I had a bit planned, here. I wanted to talk about how this last week of August has to be the worst for a baseball team, knowing that September 1st roster expansion is looming, knowing that the heat is soon to break, knowing that you’ll face more teams whose die has been cast with regard to competition in a few weeks than you are now.

But then Harvey decided to destroy one of our cities, and for the third time in the last decade, we got to watch it happen live on television, and suddenly the frivolity of what I do and the Texas Rangers do and basically what all of us do when we’re not using kayaks and bass boats to rescue our neighbors from rooftops was laid bare, and also the Texas Rangers lost three consecutive games to drop three games back of the Wild Card.

0 for Oakland

Friday: Oakland 3, Texas 1 Box Game Story

The Rangers offense was unable to make a solid start by Tricky Nick Martinez (7 IP, 4 hits, 3 ER, 7 K), as Kendall ‘Digger’ (seriously?) Graveman was able to beat him in the only statistical category that truly decides the game (that would be runs, for which Texas was one).

Maybe take a minute and visit the <a href= “http://texasdiaperbank.org”>Texas Diaper Bank</a> website and see if you’re able to help out our southern neighbors?

Saturday: Oakland 8, Texas 3 Box Game Story

Cole Hamels was gifted a two run lead before taking the mound. He was unable to protect said lead, and the team was unable to cash in scoring opportunities for seven of the remaining eight innings.

Maybe giving cash to other people isn't your thing, and I can respect that. Maybe you’d consider helping out some of the animals displaced by the Houston flood? If so <a href= “http://spca.org/give”>SPCA</a> is a worthy recipient.

Sunday: Oakland 8, Texas 3 Box Game Story

It will probably be The Moment, when we look back, when the wall fell on the 2017 Texas Rangers season. With the score 4-3 A’s, the bases loaded, one out, Mike Napoli lined out to third baseman Matt Chapman, who was able to beat Andrus back to first. The A’s lead was protected, and it would multiply a half inning later, morphing into the 8-3 finale.

Maybe you’re reading this on your phone and don’t feel like following those external links but you still want to donate. You could then text ‘Harvey’ to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross.

Where do we go from here?

At some point during today’s off day, the Astros and Rangers and MLB will decide where this series is going to be played. I’ll assume it will be in Arlington, and in a good world, the gate will be donated to recovery efforts. I think this is a good world, and I think either the last week of summer or the first week of back-to-school is a fine time for a weeknight at the ballpark.

In Tuesday’s opener Martin Perez will oppose Mike Fiers. Perez’s renaissance over the last month has been welcome; continuing it and finishing the season strong changes the outlook for the 2018 Rangers in a very good way.

On Wednesday Andrew Cashner will oppose Dallas Kuechel, a beard rematch of two weeks ago.

Finally on Thursday Cole Hamels will oppose Colin McHugh. If this game is played in Arlington, then an extra Cole Hamels game in The Ballpark is welcome, even if the circumstances around it may not be.

In an unimportant note, On Friday rosters will expand and we’ll see an influx of new faces. As MILB seasons end, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Connor Sadzeck, Ronald Guzman, and maybe WIllie Calhoun join the MLB club; all could be part of 2018 in a substantial way, so getting them into the fray will be good.

In a more important note, maybe you’d like to hand off your donation in the form of money or goods like new socks, clothing, baby formula, or diapers - if so, a good place to do that would be at 15660 N. Dallas Parkway, just north of Arapaho on the north side of the Parkway.

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