After a substandard season in 2016, TCU football was frustrated.

"We just kinda came together as a group," TCU center Austin Schlottmann said "and had a plan that we were gonna -- we needed to be a lot better."

Oh, they're much better -- #6 in the country. And staring down the barrel of a huge matchup in Norman, against #5 Oklahoma.

"It's like a concert. I've never been in something like that," TCU safety Niko Small said. "And it doesn't matter what the weather's gonna be, it could be raining, cold, they're all gonna be there. We're gonna be in a sea of red."

They've got a huge challenge...

"I'm not sure I've ever played a team," Gary Patterson said, "that's averaging over 600 yards a game."

...led by Heisman frontrunner Baker Mayfield.

"He plays that offense really well. He's fit perfectly in that offense, so it makes it a little hard to defend," Small said. "But I believe in Coach P's game plan, and I believe in my teammates around me. I think we'll be okay."

The countdown is on, to Saturday at 7 o'clock.

"This time of year, like I've said, you want to play in games that people want to watch," Patterson said. "Last year, nobody cared this time of year, for us."

Patterson wants his players to prepare the same each week, regardless of how good or bad the opponent is. But for him, in a big week like this, the approach does change."

"Do less," Patterson says. "If you want to put a large amount of games together in wins, get ready for the games that you're supposed to win, and the big games take care of themselves. If you make this game more special, you're kids will screw up."

No pressure.