Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle David Irving has missed multiple drug tests, according to sources, putting his NFL future in jeopardy.

After missing the final two months of the season due to an ankle injury, and playing in just two games in 2018, there is real fear in Irving’s camp that he’ll never play again.

Irving began the season under suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. It was the second straight year he began the season with a four-game suspension. Any further suspension for Irving under the policy would lead to a year-long ban.

However, Irving’s agent, Louis Bing, says his client couldn’t have missed multiple drug tests, arguing that if he had, “[Irving] would be suspended already.” 

“David’s not suspended,” Bing said.

The Cowboys have not received any formal notice from the league about the missed drug tests, sources said.

WFAA reached out to Irving's attorney, who said he could not comment publicly on the matter.

Irving has not been around The Star much over the recent months, as he’s tried to return from a high ankle sprain suffered in practice in early November. But Bing says that’s changed recently.

“He’s been going in to rehab the last few weeks,” Bing said, “and I think there’s really a chance to come back.  If the team didn’t feel that way too, he wouldn’t still be on the 53[-man roster].” 

Bing couldn’t say whether Irving has missed any drug tests, as the drug testing program “doesn’t include agents in it at all,” he said.

Irving's entire tenure with the Cowboys has been plagued by off-the-field issues, including a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend over custody of their daughter. 

A source close to the situation said that matter could've caused Irving to miss a drug test unintentionally.