Frisco -- With five interceptions and six total turnovers in the last three games, and the Cowboys offense in a historically bad stretch, quarterback Dak Prescott is facing more scrutiny than ever.

"It's almost," Prescott said, pausing, "lost at words why it's happening."

Certainly Prescott needs to take his fair share of the blame, but it would be an over simplification to think that if he just plays better this Cowboys offense would magically turn around.

It's much more complicated than than.

When you check out the coaches film, it helps illustrate the issues. At times receivers are running routes and getting open, but there have been several cases where the offensive line didn't provide enough time for Prescott to deliver the ball.

There have been plenty of examples of receivers getting to the top of their routes and there's not much separation, leading to incompletions.

Even on an 18-yard Dez Bryant completion in the fourth quarter against the Charger, his longest in the last 5 games by the way, there's no room between any of the five receivers on the play and the defenders covering them. It was a low percentage throw but Bryant made the play, leading to the Cowboys only touchdown of the game.

And that's part of it. Prescott has to recalibrate with the way defenses are playing the Cowboys, and make throws into tighter windows.

What he can't do is allow the game to get too fast, despite getting sacked 14 times in three games. We have seen multiple occasions now in the Cowboys losing streak where Prescott's signature poise has been nowhere to be found.

There is disappointment, and frustration, but Prescott's message to his doubters shows there's also plenty of fight.

"Keep questioning me," he said, "Obviously you don't know me and you don't know what I'm about, so keep questioning me. Have fun at it."

A salty response for sure. One that needs to be duplicated on the field by Prescott and his teammates.