Fort Worth's North Side high school is 3-and-0 for the first time since 1972.

That's 45 years ago. Their players are teenagers. Think they know much about '72?

They went 1 for 2 on both our questions -- who was president in 1972, and who won the Super Bowl in 1972.

Not too bad.

And their team is pretty good too -- that's thanks in large part to new head coach Joseph Turner, who played his college ball at TCU, under Gary Patterson.

"I played for him for 5 years," Turner says. "And that's something that you'll never forget. Only guys that played for Coach P will understand, but first thing's first, is hard work."

"We see him as a second father figure," senior linebacker Rafael Carbajal says. "Most of the time he's talking about life. He doesn't talk about football, he talks about life. He tries to build us as young men."

This 3-and-0 start is no different.

"We constantly tell those guys, do not focus on what you've done in the past," Turner says. "That's over and done with. You can celebrate that when the season's over."

But still, starting 3-0 has an impact on these kids.

"This means a lot to me," Carbajal says. "This is the vision I had since I got here. I wanted to make a change. And the change is now happening. And it's a very humbling experience."

With that attitude, it sounds like more wins are coming.