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'Air Corgi' makes pick for Dallas Stars-Vegas Golden Knights series in Western Conference Final

The fluffy pooch has this series going seven games.

DALLAS — Stars fans, take this with a grain of salt: Air Corgi has spoken.

The fluffy pooch famously known for posting social media videos trying to predict the outcomes of playoff series in sports like the NHL and NBA has now made one for the Dallas Stars and Vegas Golden Knights.

The series, according to Air Corgi, is going the full length: Seven games.

The outcome? Well... Dallas will need to prove the dog wrong. Air Corgi predicts the Golden Knights will advance to the Stanley Cup Final. 

Fans were quick to fire back at the prediction in the comments, with many claiming their own stakes that Dallas will win the series. 

The corgi's videos always make for great Internet fodder, especially after the corgi incorrectly predicted the Warriors would beat the Lakers. After LeBron James beat Stephen Curry and the Warriors in Game 7, the internet memes came in bunches. 

If Dallas does, in fact, grab the series, a response to this corgi should not only be expected, but spread all over social media.

The NHL also posted a "marble-ous" prediction as they call it. Again, it looks like the Stars will have to prove the whole organization wrong, as this prediction has the Golden Knights winning in 7. 

Sports website "theScore" posted a Twitter map showing which U.S. states are rooting for the Stars or the Golden Knights. To no surprise, the majority of the south is pulling for the Stars.

Here's a guide for everything you need to know about the Stars-Golden Knights series. Here's a list of "must follows" for Stars fans looking to keep up with the latest on social media. 

And, of course, catch Joe, Mike and Jonah on WFAA throughout the week at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. covering this Western Conference Final on WFAA.

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