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A Stars player borrowed a fan’s replica jersey mid-game

A fan quite literally gave the shirt off his back to help a Dallas Stars player through a jersey malfunction.
Credit: Ronald Martinez
Alexander Radulov #47 of the Dallas Stars during a preseason game at American Airlines Center on September 18, 2018 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Dallas Stars right winger Alexander Radulov got a clutch assist from a fan during Saturday’s preseason tilt.

Radulov’s jersey was giving him fits during the first period of the game against the Florida Panthers – this photographer appears to have gotten a good shot of the wrinkled, crumpled jersey top.

That’s when a fan in the second row stepped in to save the day.

Levi Patton was on hand for Saturday’s game – the Stars’ third of the preseason – and was wearing a Radulov jersey he’d gotten for Christmas.

According to a Facebook post by Patton, a Stars equipment manager approached him in the stands and asked what size the replica jersey was. As it turns out, it was a fit, and Radulov borrowed the fan’s jersey for the rest of the game.

“After the game, the jersey was returned to me tattered, sweaty and autographed,” Patton wrote.

Patton described the experience as “pretty damn cool.”

The Athletic’s Sean Shapiro asked Radulov about the jersey swap at a Monday morning practice, he wrote on Twitter, and Radulov’s response was simple:

“It’s a good story isn’t it?”