NFL quarterback-turned activist Colin Kaepernick is donating $10,000 to Dallas-based Mothers Against Police Brutality as part of his pledge of $1 million in charitable giving.

Kaepernick teamed up with rapper Snoop Dogg, who matched the $10,000 donation and later added $15,000 more to bring the total donation to $35,000.

“When I heard about the great works he was doing in the community, I decided to pledge $10,000 to match what he’s doing, because I love what he’s doing,” Snoop Dogg said in a video posted to social media.

The $15,000 addition was announced on Kaepernick’s Million Dollar Pledge website. The additional money will go toward the organization’s legal defense fund and a day of workshops.

Mothers Against Police Brutality aims to unite mothers of people killed during police encounters. The organization posted a "thank you" video to Twitter Monday afternoon.

Kaepernick’s donation to the Dallas-based organization comes on day four of 10 dedicated to the distribution of his final $100,000 to charities nationwide.

On Sunday, he and Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry each donated $10,000 to United Playaz, a violence prevention and youth development program in San Francisco. On Saturday, he and actor Jesse Williams each gave $10,000 to Washington, D.C. civil rights organization The Advancement Project. Kaepernick kicked off the 10-day campaign by partnering with Warriors star Kevin Durant to give $10,000 each to San Jose advocacy group Debug.

Kaepernick faced both support and backlash in 2016 when he started kneeling for the national anthem before NFL games to combat social injustice, a method of protest that continued during the 2017 season. He was released by the San Francisco 49ers and was not signed by another team, leading to his filing of a collusion lawsuit against the league.