There is a new offensive coordinator in Frisco as the Dallas Cowboys announced Thursday the promotion of quarterbacks coach Kellen Moore to the top offensive spot.

With head coach Jason Garrett on the last year of his contract and no extension in sight, it sets up a win-win scenario for the offensive brain trust that will include new quarterbacks coach Jon Kitna and interim-turned-full time offensive line coach Marc Colombo. Cowboys owner, president, and general manager Jerry Jones explained how to "Ben and Skin" on 105.3 The Fan Wednesday.

"We've got a great situation here," Jones stated.

The situation with the new offensive coaches reminded him of a conversation he had with his parents after he started having success with the Cowboys. Jones told his father that he was ultimately responsible for it, and the elder Jones kindly brushed away the extreme compliment. However, Jerry explained that it was because he knew his father would be there to provide his kids a college education that it allowed him to take more risks in his business life than the competition. There was always that safety net.

Where was Jerry going with that?

Said Jones: "The facts are that we've got in our coach, we've got a coach that basically now has a lot of experience. We want to benefit from it. He is a great safety net for everything that we're going to do with a young staff like we've got. I think we're in an ideal position."

Instead of a "safety net," think of a "scapegoat." If the experiment of Garrett and the little football Einsteins doesn't work out, Dallas can let Garrett's contract run out and offload the offensive side of the football. It is what they would have to do anyhow given that is where all of their resources are with quarterback, running back, offensive line, and receiver. 

Not to get too far ahead, but Dallas would be in an ideal position to promote Kris Richard to head coach and have an offensive mind take over the staff. Or, Dallas could go with an offensive-minded head coach and start that process all over again.

While the headlines and features will be on Moore's great offensive mind, Jones hinted multiple times at what Colombo could bring to the new offensive staff.

"I want their ideas," said Jones. "I want their preference. I want them to yell. I want them to lay in front of the train. I want them to do everything to get it implemented in what we're doing offensively. I'll assure that will be the way that we handle it. It will be a collaborative effort."

Moore, Colombo, Kitna get to come up with the new ideas. Garrett is the fall guy if it fails. If the new trio is successful, then they will have earned their boss a new extension. If they aren't, no doubt they will all find lateral jobs elsewhere. The only person taking a risk is Garrett. Only 12 months from now will we know if the gamble paid off.

Do you think the Cowboys will have a more modern, creative offense in 2019 or will a similar staff only produce more of the same? Share your thoughts with Mark on Twitter @therealmarklane.