The NFL’s competition committee is now convinced of something Cowboys fans have been saying for three years, one month and 16 days:

Dez caught it.

The committee is holding meetings this week ahead of the 2018 Scouting Combine, aimed at ironing out the catch rule that has beleaguered the NFL in recent years. New York Giants owner John Mara told ESPN that the committee is “unanimous” on the Bryant play, and on a similar call that cost then-Lions receiver Calvin Johnson a touchdown in 2010.

"I think where we are unanimous," Mara told ESPN on Tuesday, "[are] plays like the Dez Bryant play in Green Bay, going to the ground, the Calvin Johnson play from a couple of years ago. I think all of us agree that those should be completions. So let's write the language to make them completions."

Bryant appeared to have hauled in a Tony Romo pass less than five yards from the goal line at Lambeau Field on Jan. 11, 2015. While lunging toward the pylon, ball tucked in his left arm, the ball was jarred loose.

The referees determined Bryant didn’t “complete the process” of the catch and it was ruled incomplete. Green Bay ran out the final 4:06 of the game and held on to beat the Cowboys, 26-21.

Mara also told ESPN an overturned touchdown by Steelers tight end Jesse James this season should’ve been a catch, but he said the committee wasn’t unanimous.

Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones, also a member of the competition committee, said a final approval of the new rule won’t happen until the spring owners meeting next month.

“We will figure it out,” Jones said, according to the Star-Telegram. “I do think we will make some improvements. Our fans and, in general, people will appreciate it when it’s all said and done. I think it will simplify it personally.”