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Cowboys OC Kellen Moore holds Bill Belichick’s methods in high regard

Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore is set for a tough task as the Dallas Cowboys prepare for a stiff New England defense led by vaunted coach Bill Belichick
Credit: AP
Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, right, review their play cards in the first half of an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles in Arlington, Texas, Monday, Sept. 27, 2021. (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins)

DALLAS — Everyone wants to be Bill Belichick and win six Super Bowls. As hundreds of other NFL coaches have proven, it isn't that easy.

Kellen Moore is going up against the New England Patriots for the second time in his career as the Dallas Cowboys' offensive coordinator. The Patriots choked his offense in a 13-9 loss two years ago on Nov. 24, 2019, at Gillette Stadium in a cold, rainy bout.

From that game and the copious amounts of film Moore has seen of Belichick's teams, the 33-year-old knows what he likes about Belichick's coaching style that he wants to add to his own toolbox when he gets the big job someday.

"They put their players in the best position to be successful," Moore said. "I think as a coach you are always trying to put your guys in the best situation. They do that better than anyone. They recognize what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are and they plan accordingly, and they put themselves in a really good situation to have success on Sundays week in and week out."

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Moore doesn't need to face Belichick to take away that part of the veteran coach’s style and add it to his own, however. The third-year play-caller is already doing a stupendous job of mixing up personnel and using various skill positions to generate yards and points for the 4-1 Cowboys. 

While the run game has been the Cowboys' calling card throughout the four-game winning streak, Week 1 against the world champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers showed that Dallas can pile up points through the air if need be.

The former Boise State product, who won the most games as a collegiate player with 50, is staying in the moment as he prepares to trade football wits with the greatest coach in the game today.

Said Moore: "It will be another one just like a number of these games that we have had with different defensive coordinators. It's always a challenge each and every week to hopefully put our stuff together with a really good game plan and understand adjustments may need to apply to different games, to different situations. I think we are really excited about this one."

The Cowboys are second to the Buffalo Bills in points per game at 34.0. Dallas has also generated the second-most yards with 2,198. New England has given up 1,588 yards and 18.4 points per game, the fifth-fewest in the league for both tallies.

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