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Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb perplexed by NFL fining him more than Aaron Rodgers

CeeDee Lamb remains bewildered by the NFL’s policies after being subject to several fines so far in 2021
Credit: AP
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver CeeDee Lamb walks on the field before the start of an NFL football game against the Denver Broncos in Arlington, Texas, Sunday, Nov. 7, 2021. (AP Photo/Roger Steinman)

DALLAS — NFL law and order and is difficult to mete out.

Take the case of Dallas Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb. The league has fined the former Oklahoma Sooner a total of $25,750 in uniform violations, according to ESPN, in 2021.

It makes sense. The NFL has an image to uphold as it is a sport that thrives with the visuals of television. Uniformity with equipment is also a necessary component given that some teams have historically abused it.

However, when the NFL fined Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers $14,650 for violating the league's COVID-19 vaccination protocols, Lamb spoke with the media on Nov. 10 to voice his confusion about the discrepancy in fines.

"Annoy me? Nah," Lamb said. "Confuse me a lot? Very much so, yes. I just don’t understand why I’m always the one getting fined for some reason."

His first offense was in Week 1 when his socks were too low, a $5,150 ticket. In Week 3, Lamb had an untucked jersey, which cost him another $5,150.

The largest fine came in Week 4 when he paid $15,450 for an untucked jersey.

Throw in a $10,815 fine for a crack-back block – also in Week 4 – and one for $10,300 for waving goodbye to a New England Patriots defender after scoring the walk-off touchdown in Week 6, and Lamb has had a costly second season in the NFL.

"Like, I don’t know what I need to do honestly," said Lamb. "I just know for sure I’m more conscious of it."

According to Lamb, who says he will be more conscious of ensuring his jersey is pulled down after every play, the next fine could be costly.

Said Lamb: "[It's] very weird, considering the next time I get caught with my jersey untucked, I heard I get fined like $50,000 or something."

Lamb had no issues in his rookie season with uniform violations as he produced 74 catches for 935 yards and five touchdowns.

"Long story short, I’m going to make sure every game now that I’m fine before the game," said Lamb.

Lamb also can't seem to catch a break from the league office when he is the alleged victim of finable offenses. According to Lamb, Minnesota Vikings safety Harrison Smith choked him on the sidelines during Dallas' 20-16 win over the Vikings in Week 8.

"It was something crazy then for me to get choked on the sideline, and the ref said his thumb was stuck in my helmet," said Lamb. "That’s crazy. That’s nonsense."

The former 2020 first-round pick hasn't choked with his performance on the field, tallying 41 catches for 632 yards and four touchdowns.

Do you think the NFL has been fair with Lamb this season? Share your thoughts with Mark on Twitter @therealmarklane.

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