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Who's performing at the TCU-Georgia game halftime show?

The competition doesn't stop during halftime. While the teams break, the school bands will take the SoFi field.

INGLEWOOD, Calif. — Just because there's a halftime show during the College Football Championship doesn't mean the battle between schools is completely on pause. This battle is just unofficial.

Texas Christian University (TCU) and University of Georgia (UGA) are set to go head-to-head Monday in California for the football championship. When the teams break for halftime, things will switch to a battle of the bands.

The marching bands from both colleges will perform the halftime show. If you're a die-hard fan of either college, you might see this as another competition: TCU Horned Frogs vs. UGA Redcoats.

Horned Frogs Marching Band

The Horned Frogs Marching Band is known as "The Pride of TCU." They were formed under band director Don Gillis (1935-1942). It remained as an all-male marching band until women started to be included in the '50s.

The band has evolved over time with big performances, new marching techniques and the inclusion of majorettes.

The Horned Frogs Marching enlists almost 200 students with a variety of talent and music interests to perform in front of nearly 200,000 fans every fall (and beyond, in this case).

Redcoat Marching Band

Like the Horned Frogs, the University of Georgia Redcoat Marching Band carries a pretty hefty title on their campus: "The Heart of the Bulldog Spirit."

The band was founded in 1905 and have grown to be the staple of their university's traditions. They have over 400 members that perform in around 100 events on and off the field.

In 2000, the Redcoat Band was recognized by the John Philip Sousa Foundation and awarded the Sudler Trophy.

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