TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte took a whipped cream pie to the face Thursday to promote a good cause.

Similar to 2014’s “Ice bucket challenge” for ALS, the #WhippedCreamChallenge is a viral social media campaign to raise money and awareness to help others.

Del Conte was decked out in a sport coat, a purple and white Gingham shirt and even a pocket square when Alex Robinson from the NIT-champion Horned Frogs basketball team threw the whipped cream pie in his face.

He posted video of the challenge to his Twitter account Thursday afternoon. (Don't see video? Go here.)

The whipped cream challenge benefits the 17 Strong Foundation, which was started by Ryan Teixiera, a 20-year-old native of Arroyo Grande, Calif., where Del Conte used to live. The foundation provides “victory trips” to people with life-threatening illnesses.

Teixiera’s mother explained victory trips to southern California ABC affiliate

"A victory trip is something that you choose," said Holly Teixeira. "We felt that if they were able to choose and dream what they wanted to do, that's what's going to set us a part. It could be a trip or it could be an experience, it could be meeting somebody you've never met before or jumping out of an airplane or actually taking a trip. It's going to look different for everybody."

Those who want to take part in the whipped cream challenge are encouraged to use the #WhippedCreamChallenge hashtag and nominate other friends to do the same.

TCU Athletics’ top dog is trying to get other high-profile athletic directors in on the action. He nominated University of Alabama AD Greg Byrne and University of Tennessee AD John Currie to accept the challenge.

TCU head basketball coach Jamie Dixon and some members of the Horned Frogs volleyball team also completed the whipped cream challenge this week and posted to social media.