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Back to the Sugar Bowl: The Texas Longhorns' history in New Orleans

Texas will be heading back to New Orleans for the first time in 23 years to face Georgia in the Sugar Bowl.

AUSTIN — The Longhorns are back in the Sugar Bowl for the first time in 23 years. Texas will play Georgia in the Sugar Bowl.

Texas lost the Big 12 Championship game against Oklahoma on Saturday in Arlington. The Big 12 Champion is sent to the Sugar Bowl, unless it qualifies for the College Football Playoffs. Because Oklahoma made the CFP, the Big 12 runner-up goes to the Sugar Bowl.

Texas has been to 54 Bowl Games in the past, winning 28, losing 24 and getting two ties.

Most Bowl appearances (22) have been in the Cotton Bowl, which is where the old Southwest Conference Champion would go.

Texas has been to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans three times in the past:

  • Jan. 1, 1948, vs. Alabama (UT won 27-7)
  • Jan. 1, 1958, vs. Ole Miss (Ole Miss won 39-7)
  • Dec. 31, 1995, vs. Virginia Tech (VA Tech won 28-10)

The game in 1995 is remembered as the McKelvey Bowl. The day before the Sugar Bowl, it was discovered that a Longhorns defensive back named Ron McKelvey was actually a 30-year-old named Ron Weaver who had already played college ball in Sacramento, California. Ron Weaver left town that day and coach John Mackovic had to answer questions about how this could have happened.


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"We are satisfied that our information suggests that he falsely represented himself," Coach John Mackovic said.

Maybe it distracted the team as they looked flat against Virginia Tech and lost 28-10.

Texas last played Georgia in the 1984 Cotton Bowl. Texas was undefeated, with a shot at the National Championship, and led the Bulldogs in the fourth quarter. When Georgia punted, UT coach Fred Akers left his defense in to guard against a fake. Defensive backs Jitter Fields and Craig Curry were back for the punt, which was muffed. Georgia recovered and scored the game-winning touchdown.

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