Dirk Nowitzki’s self-deprecating humor is aging like a fine wine.

After fellow NBA player Victor Oladipo texted his trainer shortly after his team was ousted from the playoffs, the Mavs’ GOAT posted his own hilarious text exchange.

Nowitzki mirrored Oladipo in asking, “when do we start?”

The alleged response is a quality roasting.

“I told you four years ago you were done four years ago.”

“Your game has been in decline since Havlicek stole the ball from you.”

“Your full court sprints are timed with a calendar.”

“That being said if you wire me 561 Bitcoin ($5 Mill US) we can start tomorrow!”

Nowitzki's Twitter game has always been strong. On April 20, he posted a hilarious post-surgery update, calling his walking boot the Nike “Air Limpified.”

Despite that ankle surgery that ended his season three games early, the 39-year-old has already said he plans to return next year for a 21st season with the Mavs.

For reference, here’s the Instagram post from Oladipo’s trainer showing the text he received just after the Cavaliers eliminated the Pacers from the playoffs. (Warning: NSFW language)

I can’t make this shit up! Look at the time on this text, this dude probably hasn’t even showered yet after playing one of the biggest games of his young career and he’s already trying to get back to work! You young athletes out there take notes... @vicoladipo I’m sending you the jet, we start tonight! 🛩 ************************************************ 👉🏽And Yes I had his name misspelled in my phone, it’s been that way from day one and left it like that🤣

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