Dallas Mavericks guard Seth Curry and his more-famous brother, Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry, played one of the strangest games of basketball on a South Korean game show earlier this month.

The brothers were on an Asian tour with Under Armour this summer, hosting clinics and unveiling some of Steph Curry’s new shoes -- but it took a weird turn in Seoul, South Korea.

During an appearance on the “Infinite Challenge” game show, the duo played in a game of two-on-five basketball, with some weird challenges: The opponent used three giant inflatable defenders around the basket (two of the wacky-wailing-flailing-inflatable-arm-tube-man variety, and one mobile version) as well as a defender with 20 extra arms attached to his back.

The other team also got to shoot on a massive rim while the Currys shot on a regulation basket.

Yes, what you read there is real. The show aired Aug. 4. Check out the video below from Sports Illustrated:

At one point, Steph Curry throws a ball of the face of one inflatable behemoth guarding the basket and scores an easy layup. In another clip, the same inflatable giant exacts its revenge on the two-time NBA MVP, pinning consecutive shots against the backboard.

According to the New York Daily News, the Currys still won the lopsided game, 43-38.