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'Luka Special' & 'Kmart Kobe' | Mavs-Suns series beef heating up

The vitriol on the court between the Mavs and Suns, but more specifically Booker and Doncic, has led to the fan bases arguing on Twitter.

DALLAS — The Dallas Mavericks-Phoenix Suns series has been ... heated. There have been no words minced or actions mended between these two teams.

On the court – and unfortunately off, as well – the intensity of this series has reached a boiling point. There's the national headline made with the Dallas Mavericks fans being ejected after the run-in with Chris Paul's family in Game 4. Phoenix Suns head coach Monty Williams suggested following that incident that it may be time to reconsider where the families of players sit during games.

Then, in Game 5, you had Mavs forward Marquese Chriss running after Suns center Bismack Biyombo following a heated exchange that resulted in both of their ejections. 

Throughout the series, but especially in Game 5, the Internet was graced with footage of both teams' superstars going at it. There's definitely no love lost between Devin Booker and Luka Doncic. In one clip, Booker is seen on the ground after a foul call saying he did "the Luka special." 

Booker was also seen in Game 5 taking the ball away from Doncic after a dead ball whistle, which elicited a stare down and smirk from the Slovenian. Many on social have dubbed Booker-Doncic as the NBA's "next great rivalry."

The vitriol on the court between the Mavs and Suns, but more specifically Booker and Doncic, has led to Mavs fans and Suns fans debating on whose superstar is better. Mavs faithful on Twitter have taken issue with the fact that Booker got more MVP votes than Doncic despite not having as great of a year, statistically.

They've gone as far as calling Booker "KMart Kobe."

The debate also stems from a tweet by StatMuse, which compares the first four seasons for each star. StatMuse's tweet states that Doncic eclipses the Suns' Booker in all of the following categories within their first four seasons: points per game, rebounds per game, assists per game, All-Star appearances, All-NBA selections, career playoff games and career playoff wins. 

Suns fans online point to the fact that Booker has better career statistics, even though he has been in the league for three more seasons than Doncic. Another point for Booker is his career highs. Booker notably scored 70 points in a game against the Celtics in 2017, whereas Doncic's career high came this season at 51.

No matter where you lie in the Doncic-Booker debate, or if you're just a fan casually enjoying the chirpiness and chippiness of this series, it's clear the intensity has ramped up and that's not going anywhere. 

So, sit back ... relax ... and enjoy the ride.

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