The Texas Rangers have signed Lebron, but, unfortunately, it’s not King James making a switch to baseball à la Michael Jordan in 1994.

That would’ve marked the biggest surprise move since Beyoncé dropped a self-named studio album with no warning at all in 2013 – and I’m thinking you would’ve seen a few more headlines about it than just this one.

Alas, the Rangers have signed David Lebron, a standout pitcher from the University of Tampa who they drafted in the 26th round of the MLB Draft earlier this month.

This Lebron won’t garner any accolades as the GOAT, but he certainly logged an impressive 2018 stat line with the Spartans. He went 10-0 with a 2.24 ERA and almost 13 strikeouts per nine innings in 16 starts this season.

Lebron is one of 14 Rangers signees announced Thursday. Each has reported to the team’s complex in Arizona:

  • Sean Chandler, RHP (6th round)
  • Tim Brennan, RHP (7th round)
  • Chandler Sanburn, RHP (9th round)
  • Billy Layne, Jr. (11th round)
  • Kenen Irizarry, SS (13th round)
  • Scott Kapers, C (17th round)
  • Frainyer Chavez, SS (22nd round)
  • Troy Dixon, OF (24th round)
  • David Lebron, RHP (26th round)
  • Glen Richardson, RHP (29th round)
  • Reynaldo Pichardo, C (33rd round)
  • Noah Burkholder, RHP (34th round)
  • Tyler Depreta-Johnson, SS (35th round)
  • Cole Uvila, RHP (40th round)

The signings bring the total to 19 out of 40 draftees who have been signed by Texas.