Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman really doesn’t think he should be traded.

That, according to, scathing direct message he sent to a fan on Twitter Sunday.

In a reply to another tweet, Twitter user @AllenH83 wrote that the Astros should trade Bregman for pitching help before the July 31 trade deadline. (Don't see tweets below? Go here.)

“Why I would make Bregman centerpiece of any trade,” Allen wrote. “Decreases number of farm guys give up instantly. Move [top prospect Derek] Fisher to LF, Marwin [Gonzalez to] full time 3rd.”

He followed it up with a second tweet on rationale for the potential trade.

“Bregman being centerpiece saves you [top prospect Preston] Tucker or Fisher or both,” he wrote. “Compared to both being in a deal possibly. With Marwin getting more ABs.”

In a July 7 tweet, Allen joked that it’s a “good thing we still have Bregman” in response to an ESPN Stats & Info tweet about Chris Sale’s absurd strikeout numbers -- Bregman was rumored to be a chip in a potential deal that would’ve brought the former Chicago White Sox ace to Houston.

Keep in mind, at no point did Allen mention Bregman’s Twitter handle. Bregman, apparently surfing the social network for fans using his name in tweets, let Allen know his displeasure in a direct message.

“You have zero clue about baseball lol 😂 oh my lord,” Bregman wrote.

Allen attempted a logical response:

“Because I think Chris Sale would impact the Astros more than you in the year 2017? That’s an opinion many hold,” Allen responded. “Because I think Marwin should get more time at 3rd, with him being incredible at the plate this year? That I think you could bring back more in a trade than prospects do, for immediate impact starter, is actually a compliment to what type of player you will be in the future.

“Are you really that bothered by opinion you direct message fans… pretty petty.”

Allen then tweeted a screenshot of the initial exchange. Bregman’s reply included calling Allen a “clown” and a “flee (sic) on the nutsack of society” along with a lackluster one-liner about frat boys.

“Just keep my name out of your mouth...and just watch the game,” Bregman wrote.

Rangers fans may remember Bregman for his use of a particular hashtag at the beginning of the season.

“Operation #BTSOOTR,” he wrote in an April 30 tweet, presumably to mean “beat the [stuff] out of the Texas Rangers.”

Bregman is batting .256 with eight homers and 27 RBI in 84 games for Houston. For context on Allen’s tweets, Marwin Gonzalez is hitting .308 with 16 homers and 53 RBI in 71 games for the ‘Stros.