Much has been said about the need at the wide receiver position for the Dallas Cowboys after Dak Prescott and his receiver crew failed to click in 2017. Even before looking at the starter production, backup Brice Butler is likely gone due to his underwhelming performances and an expiring contract.

Dallas has two options to try to fix this issue, they can bring in new blood via the draft or go they can look to improve with the men currently under contract. Never hurts to explore all options.

One particular name that has been thrown around being WR Michael Gallup of Colorado State. He was one of the few guys the Cowboys might be interested in on display in Mobile, Alabama for the Senior Bowl. Gallup is not the flashiest player but he certainly has some positive traits that would help the team.

Michael Gallup

Position: WR

College: Colorado State

Height: 6’ 7/8”

Weight: 198

Arm Length: 30 7/8”

Hand Size: 9 1/8”

College Production:

























Gallup played in a high-volume offense where his quarterback threw the ball 35 times a game. More than 21 percent of Colorado State QB Nick Stevens’ throws were directed at Gallup. While he caught plenty of passes thrown in his direction, Gallup was strong after the catch. It often took more than one defender to bring him to the ground.

The Cowboys are needing to bring in a receiver who can make plays with the ball in his hands. The best part of Gallup’s game is the fact that he doesn’t fear going into the middle of the field. While he doesn’t fear the middle, Gallup is able to attack in all areas.

An underrated skill is Gallup’s ability to track the ball in the air. Prescott had an issue with accuracy at certain times during the season, so the senior wide receiver's ability to find a way to haul in errant throws could be a bonus for Dallas. During the times Gallup had to adjust to underthrown passes, he used his body to shield defenders allowing him to make plays.

His strong hands allow Gallup to climb the ladder and haul in passes. Dez Bryant’s game in the red zone is to attack defenses in this way. The addition of Gallup would allow the offense to attack on both sides of field.

Should the Cowboys decide to address defense or another position on day one of the NFL Draft, Gallup could be in play when Dallas comes back to the podium at AT&T Stadium for the second round. Gallup can bring a new dynamic to a passing offense that needs it.

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