If you're a Mavs fan, life hasn't been much fun this year.

And that's to not even mention that other thing... but, at least for now, we won't get into that.

But as bad as it's been on the floor, it hasn't quite been bad enough. So with five games left in the season, just where do the Mavs sit on their tank-o-meter?

For one thing, you're not catching the Suns. They've lost 15 in a row, and their record is 4-and-a-half games worse than the Mavs. So any hopes you 'Team Tank' fans had, that the Mavs would have the best odds for the #1 pick, you can kiss 'em goodbye.

But, with five games left in the season, Dallas is sitting in 5th in the Tank Standings. And they've got the potential to improve their spot. Only two games back of the #2 spot in the standings, they're nipping on the heels of Atlanta and Orlando.

Now here's the problem -- their schedule. The Mavs should lose to Portland and Philly -- two teams fighting for playoff positioning. Heck, even Detroit is still technically alive, and playing hard.

But those other two games, against fellow tank artists -- those are dicey. If those are wins, the Mavs could fall as low as 7th in the draft odds.

If you're a Mavs fan who wants to actually root for wins again -- you need 5 more L's to finish out this dreadful season.