Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan was already facing criticism for his handling of a pivotal goal-to-go sequence in the loss to the Seahawks on Sunday.

"In any loss, you're gonna have a lot of naysayers criticizing what we do," Linehan said.

So if the fire around Linehan wasn't hot enough, wide receiver Dez Bryant threw a little lighter fluid on it, with these comments yesterday, explaining why he and Dak Prescott didn't find success this season.

"Hey man, that's just something you gotta discuss with the coaches. Not Dak or me. You gotta discuss that with them," Bryant said. So it's more of a scheme issue, Bryant was asked. "Yeah, it's just more of a... yeah, you could say that."

Linehan's response today:

"Really no discussion, or, I'm not even aware of any of that to be honest with you. Hopefully, all of our focus is just on getting ready to play our best game of the year if we can, and finish this thing off right."

His reaction to frustration from Bryant, both on the sideline and in the media:

"When you don't win, people aren't in as good a mood, I guess. That comes from being the competitors that guys are."

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has expressed his support specifically for head coach Jason Garrett. But his support for the coordinators has been conspicuously absent. So does Linehan feel any pressure?

"No, that's just part of the deal. If you spend time listening to criticism or whatever, then you're not focusing on the right things."

Perhaps. And as Linehan pointed out today, there have been times where the Cowboys offense has been very successful.

But if there is to be accountability this offseason within the staff, Linehan could be among the casualties.