"It's time for Jerry the owner to fire Jerry the General Manager".

This phrase is my earliest memory in life. It's been echoed by fans on bar stools and radio call-ins for over twenty years.

Who would have thought some of his fellow owners were looking into the possibility of a world without Jerry too? A question I long thought was unrealistic was actually a conversation piece worth having.

How realistic is this?

Reports that Jones was blocking the progress on an extension for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell have been rampant for the last few weeks. Then news broke that the Cowboys Owner, President, and General Manager received a formal letter addressing the concerns of his fellow owners, reminding him that he voted in favor of allowing the six-person compensation committee authority to negotiate and complete an extension with Goodell.

There's always a secret member to every good stable, and Jerry was the unofficial seventh owner involved. The common belief being that Jones' change of heart is a direct result of him feeling misled on the outcome of the league's investigation into domestic violence allegations made against Ezekiel Elliott.

Elliott dropped his appeal and will be eligible to return to the field on Christmas Eve against Seattle, and now Jones has no incentive to play nice.

For the sake of hilarity, an attempt to unseat the most powerful owner in sports from his cash cow would be a sight to see. You think Tyron Smith is intimidating? Wait until Jerry unleashes his legal team.

The Tony Romo vs. Deion Sanders feud that blew up social media last week turned out to be the undercard. The letter to Jones from the other owners is akin to a finger poke. We got ourselves a REAL main event, and it is money.

The actual Commissioner fighting the unofficial Commissioner.

Jerral Wayne Jones Sr. versus Roger Stokoe Goodell.

The bout to knock the other guy out is on, and all the dirty laundry is coming out.

The communication in which Goodell initially informed Jones of Ezekiel Elliott's six game suspension due to domestic violence allegations was first reported by ESPN's Outside the Lines.

"I'm gonna come after you with everything I have," a surprised Jones said to Goodell after being informed of the commissioner's decision.

"If you think Bob Kraft came after you hard, Bob Kraft is a(n) expletive compared to what I'm going to do."

Quite a change from the smile and gleaming wink we get in press conferences.

Jones is obviously pissed and thinks he was lied to, and now the commissioner of the league that is already on the ropes in a fight against sagging ratings and political divisiveness has made an enemy of the man that many believe led the NFL into the marketing giant and global brand that it is today.

No other living owner in sports embodies their team like Jones embodies the Cowboys. The glamour. The excess. Jones is the last of a dying breed. What other owner is sports is this publicly outspoken?

George Steinbrenner had no problem calling out his players and coaches to the media and to their face. Al Davis was a renegade that fought the league and was the "Raider" culture personified. These titans are gone. The only living owner that compares in influence and is his fellow Dallas shot-caller Mark Cuban, currently in a long standing feud with the President of the United States.

There is a reason Jerry is in the Hall of fame. Even after a mostly mediocre run following the 90's heyday, Jones has made his franchise the most valuable in the world. Did the commissioner already have his mind made up but wanted to get Jerry's Hall of Fame induction out of the way first?

They say successful relationships are predicated on two factors. Chemistry and Timing. Goodell couldn’t have picked a worse time to get into a power play. And he couldn’t have picked a worse opponent.

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