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Jaylon Smith elaborates on his 'Dez Bryant dream'

When the sun comes up on Wednesday, it will mark 75 days since the Dallas Cowboys released wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Dez doesn't have a team yet, but posted on instagram that the last problem he has is finding a team.

But a month away from training camps opening up, it appears he will wind up signing with a team during camp.

Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith, though, had a different thought.

"I had a dream that my big bro, dez was back on the team before camp started," Smith said. "And you know, I imagine I wasn't the only person who had that dream."

There's a faction of Cowboys Nation that would be thrilled with the idea... but when adding any shred of reality to the conversation, it's clear that will never happen. But when we spoke Tuesday morning, Smith was clear about how influential Bryant was on his young career.

"He meant everything. Just - he's a tough cat," Smith said. "A lot of people didn't really understand him, but if you did, he'd be everything. Him being a hell of a player, but a hell of a person. Somebody that was very down to earth, and he was gonna keep it real with you. We always had that camaraderie."

Wherever Dez does land, Jaylon's confident '88' will do well.

"He's a guy that I look up to, and he's gonna be great."

75 days without a team, 72 days until the start of the season -- the X needs to find a home.

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