After one of the most incredible high school football games ever, Highland Park head football coach Randy Allen called it a career.

"As a coach," Allen said, "you know, I thought, what could we do to top it?"

The overwhelming likelihood is you never will. So Allen was left searching for what to do next.

"My advice from some of my mentors was that this would be a great time to go out, when you're on top. I realized that going out on top wasn't as important as being with the players, and having a positive impact on them."

So, just three weeks after announcing his retirement, Randy Allen is back.

"Three weeks of honey-do's helped me to realize that my true calling was having a positive impact on the young men at Highland Park and the HP football team," Allen said with a smile.

The high school football sidelines in Texas have been home for Randy Allen for 43 years. He has 376 career wins. But adding to those numbers is not why he chose to return.

"Each year, there's a special group of seniors that have made their senior year their focus point. And they want to leave this program better than they found it," Allen said. "And I missed them. I missed our coaches. And I wanted to be a part of molding these young men."

As it's always been.