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Why two star players at Art Briles’ Mount Vernon were ruled ineligible

With new evidence coming to light, the DEC held a second hearing on Oct. 8 and ruled the players ineligible.

DALLAS — In his first year as head coach, Art Briles has led Mount Vernon High School football to a 5-0 record.

On Tuesday, two of Briles' star players were ruled ineligible by the District Executive Committee (DEC), which is comprised of the district's superintendents. The committee voted 6-0 that the varsity starters transferred to Mount Vernon for athletic purposes.

Multiple sources told WFAA that the ruling stemmed from the players' relationship with Lynx Hawthorne — one of Briles' former players at Baylor.

Hawthorne and the brothers are related by marriage.

The brothers were ruled eligible at their first hearing because their parents and the Mount Vernon superintendent told the DEC that Hawthorne would not be coaching. The DEC was told Hawthorne was in town to film a documentary.

This is important because the UIL is strict about kids transferring schools if a family member is employed by that athletic department.

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Hawthorne is not employed by Mount Vernon ISD, but he had been seen wearing coaching attire and a headset during a team scrimmage this year. He's also been seen serving in a coaching manner, per source.

Furthermore, the brothers listed an inaccurate address on the UIL's Previous Athletic Participation Form (PAPF), which is required to transfer.

The brothers lived in an RV park with Hawthorne, per multiple sources. The address listed on the PAPF belongs to the owner of the RV park.

"New facts came out that were not presented or blatantly misrepresented at the first hearing," per a source.

With new evidence coming to light, the DEC held a second hearing on Oct. 8 and ruled the brothers ineligible.

This case now moves to the UIL State Exec Committee, which can uphold or overturn the DEC's decision. The State Exec Committee can also institute further punishments for Mount Vernon, including game forfeitures.

It's worth noting: Art Briles did not show up to either hearing. His name is not on any paperwork. He never showed up to answer questions. He has, by all accounts, distanced himself from this whole thing.

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