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Grapevine football team cheers on the marching band

H.S. football team shows up to cheer the marching band!
Grapevine marching band

GRAPEVINE —The marching band really is an instrumental part of what happens on the football field.

"They support us every game," Grapevine High School football player Ralph Lauren McCauley said. "They cheer for us even when we are losing they are still out there playing for us."

So when the Grapevine High School band took to the turf Saturday for a UIL regional competition in Carrollton, the team they are there for every Friday night was there for them.

"It's great to have people supporting us besides the family members," said drum major Maddie Brown.

"I heard my name a few times. It was awesome and gave us a lot of confidence," fellow drum major Griffin Wade shared.

Making the appearance more special was that the uniformed cheering section was a total surprise.

"It's a wonderful feeling how we support them and they reciprocate the action that is great," Head drum major Ramiz Kara told us.

Director of Bands at Grapevine High Shannon Gill was blown away by the show of support.

"I've never seen it in all my years of band directing," she said. "I was just floored when I saw that. The kids were so excited. I think that means more to them than any rating."

The school's principal came up with the idea and head football coach Randy Jackson took the suggestion and ran with it.

"You know it didn't take me but about half a second you say yeah it's a great idea," he said.

The show of school spirit had a simple purpose: To show that everyone's contributions matter. And that the Grapevine team extends well beyond the football roster.

"When schools can come together and have that spirit where everybody is pulling for each other and rowing in the same direction that is when it is special," Jackson said.