ARLINGTON — It was senior night for the Arlington High School softball team. They wouldn't make the playoffs no matter the outcome, so this was it.

Things could have been different with senior Hallie Crossnoe in the lineup. Instead, the four-year starter has been supporting her teammates from the dugout, after shoulder surgery in March.

"Whether it's a double or a home run - because she led our team last year in home runs - she's the type of player that kids want to be," said her coach Waylon Whitney.

If anyone could handle the setback, it's Hallie. Her sophomore year, she had a cancer scare when doctors removed a tumor from her leg; it was benign. That same season, she was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes.

"So I had the diabetes and the whole cancer scare with the tumor on my knee, so I had a pretty rough sophomore year," said Hallie.

"She's gained so much will power, I guess you could say," said her teammate Jamie Davis. "She's changed as a person and [...] I'm just really proud of her."

Hallie wears an insulin pump to regulate her blood sugar. She's become a budding spokesperson for juvenile diabetes research, raising money and awareness, and this experience has given her a focus that a lot of high school seniors don't have.

"After staying in the hospital and being around all the nurses, and they were so great in helping me learn about the disease," said Hallie. "I realized that through that, I wanted to be a nurse and I wanted to do diabetes education."

With her in the lineup, things could be different.