North Richland Hills -- The office is cleaned out, the mementos now at his home. Former Southlake Carroll head football coach Hal Wasson speaking for the first time since he was placed on administrative leave in January.

"Yeah, I was disoriented a little bit," says Wasson, "It's kinda like they're bringing all this heavy artillery, like a lot of blitzes."

Wasson reliving the feelings he experience when Carroll's board of trustees told him they were going to review the football program and its culture.

The result - possible minor infractions that were self-reported to the UIL. In the grand scheme, nothing earth-shattering.

"I knew of no rules violations personally. I've done this 37 years," said Wasson when asked he felt any vindication following the release of the report.

After the report came out, the school and Wasson reached a settlement for more than $165,000 dollars, every penny he was owed on his contract.

When asked if he felt railroaded, Wasson says he would have absolutely handed it differently. And after saying he always teaches his players to be open and honest, he added he was not afforded that same type of treatment, "No. No. I don't feel like I was."

Looking back, Wasson says he felt a crack in the program a couple of years ago. He admits the "program was splintering." What he's too polite to say what all of Southlake knows. Wasson and athletic director Darren Allman weren't on the proverbial same team. Now the Dragons are searching for a new leader.

"I know this Joe, I know how to fight. I don't know how to surrender," said Wasson. That's Wasson's way of saying his coaching days aren't done. He's garnered interest for various jobs in and around coaching on the high school and college level.

But this chapter is closed, leaving many milestones and memories before his next stop.