The Dallas Cowboys have a need at the wide receiver position. Brice Butler is likely gone after his contract expired and the Cowboys will have to fill his shoes at the very least. There was a tremendous drop off from Cole Beasley’s production as teams seemed to scheme to take him away from Dak Prescott each week.

Terrance Williams caught 53 of 78 targets but never crossed the goal line. The team’s third leading receiver was Jason Witten. And then there's Dez Bryant who still hasn't really clicked with his new quarterback. The Cowboys need a few more playmakers from the position.

The Dallas Cowboys could target these five receivers to fill the need:

Calvin Ridley, Alabama

Ridley is head and shoulders above the rest of the class, but can he slide to number 19 where the Cowboys will make their first selection? His numbers won’t blow you away but that is due to the offense Alabama runs and the quarterback who hindered his production.

Ridley does the one thing that this receiving corp struggles with, and that's getting separation. Achieving separation is huge for Dak Prescott as he needs windows to make his throws. Prescott won’t force passes so Ridley creating opportunities would allow this offense to be more multifaceted.

Christian Kirk, Texas A&M

Christian Kirk is a dynamic player with the ball in his hands. During his career in College Station he was used in a variety of ways. He can make big plays on screen passes, in the return game, or taking the top off of a defense.

Just in terms of what he has shown at the college level, Kirk sounds a bit like Ryan Switzer, but I believe he can play outside. Switzer is more limited to slot receiver duty. Adding Kirk would allow the team to use Dez Bryant in a variety of ways if they are looking to create mismatches.

D.J. Moore, Maryland

D.J. Moore is the next explosive receiving threat on the list. Moore is small in stature but makes up for it with his ability after the catch. Moore rarely goes down on first contact as he looks to advance the ball once he gets his hands on it.

Moore shows a great ability to win battles and bring the ball in. You don’t see many concentration drops in his game. Drops were something that Cowboys receivers seem to struggle with in 2017.

Deon Cain, Clemson

There are some questions surrounding Cain, his impact was significantly less in 2017 without DeShaun Watson. Although Cain still led his team in receiving this past season. He can be a true number two for the Dallas Cowboys.

Much like Moore and Kirk, Cain has the innate ability to create damage after the catch. Cain is very reminiscent of DaVante Adams of the Green Bay Packers. If the Cowboys decide to wait to fill the need at receiver, Cain is likely a day two option.

Courtland Sutton, Southern Methodist

Sutton may be the lesser known of the five players having been part of the local SMU Mustangs football team. SMU is where the Cowboys found Beasley so they certainly wouldn't shy away from the talented Sutton. Unlike the others on this list, Sutton brings a bully’s mentality to the field to go along with his 6’4” frame. He very much looks the part of a NFL wide receiver.

Sutton is another red zone threat that the Cowboys could utilize when in scoring situations. Like Dez, Sutton could become another receiver who can go up and snatch the ball out of the air.

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