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Residents prepare for Duncanville-DeSoto football game, highlighting community

'It's a small community': Neighbors discuss what they believe makes Duncanville, Texas a special place to live, work, and play.

DUNCANVILLE, Texas — Friday night is expected to be another exciting night of football in southwest Dallas County.

Duncanville High School and DeSoto High School are scheduled to hit the field. The longtime rivalry between the two schools is a big talker across The Best Southwest. That region includes the communities of DeSoto, Duncanville, Cedar Hill and Lancaster.

“I really don’t have no complaints about Duncanville,” said resident Clyde Cooper.

Many neighbors describe Duncanville, Texas as a calm suburb. It’s popularly known as ‘The City of Champions.’

”It’s a small community,” said Cassandra Beasley.

The city is a place where residents often brag about its quiet neighborhoods and growing small business scene.

“And the people are kind of close, too,” Beasley added.

Let some folks tell it, there’s a lot more to buzz about around Duncanville. High school sports and rivalries tend to be hot topics at places like Faded Barber Lounge on E. Camp Wisdom Road.

“Sports, is number one, and that game that’s coming up this weekend is fixing to be the hot topic of this week,” said the shop’s owner Qwellon Smith.

The big Duncanville–DeSoto rivalry is only natural chatter in the City of Champions.

“You have a lot of alumni, a lot of celebrities, a lot of football players that will come to that game. So, I feel like it’s going to be a great game,” barber Rodney Hall added.

Game aside, the young entrepreneurs said their connection to the community is deeper. Smith said, in Duncanville, he sees opportunity.

“There’s successful Black and Brown people. They’re successful. Like I said, I grew up around here. So, all I’ve seen is great people. Good people going to work and making sure they could survive for their families and provide for their families,” Smith explained.

Families and connection to the community are what some city leaders believe makes Duncanville special. The rivalries keep things interesting.

“Duncanville will win,” Cooper said.

Especially when predicting who will win Friday’s game.

“Duncanville, of course,” Beasley added.

However, back in the barbershop, we learned just because one owns a business in Duncanville, doesn’t always mean that’s where your football loyalties remain.

“I graduated from DeSoto,” Smith said. “So, personally, DeSoto is my team. So, I’m going for them off the top!”

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