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Dirk Nowitzki: From baby-faced rookie to Mavericks legend

Watch Dirk's look change over his amazing 21-year career.

DALLAS — Few players in professional sports ever get to spend their entire career playing for a single team. Salary caps, declining play, and finicky team ownership are just a few of the variables that can send a player from one team to the next. Dirk Nowitzki defied the odds and revolutionized the game. 

For the past 21 years, Nowitzki has been a layer of immovable bedrock for the Mavericks: consistently excellent, and unfailingly dependable. 

When Dirk was first picked by the Mavs in 1998, he was unsure about wanting to play in Dallas and in the NBA. Thank goodness he did. We can't imagine this team without him.

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