The date of diagnosis sticks with them. Multiple Sclerosis.

"I was at the point where I wasn't able to walk," Patrick Finney says.

"My speech was really off, they thought I was having seizures," explains Jennifer Jones

"I went blind in one of my eyes," Jessica Lowry Morgan says. "It was scary."

These people are running the Dallas Marathon on Sunday.

Mile after mile after mile they'll run, as part of the "Meat Fight" campaign, despite suffering from multiple sclerosis.

"Ironically one of the symptoms is fatigue," Jones says with a laugh. "You're out here running a marathon, and you suffer from fatigue."

Some are running for the first time. Some have been running for year, like Patrick Finney. "I've got a goal, and you're gonna help me get that goal,” Finney says.

That's what Finney told his doctor, when he decided he wanted to run marathons -- nearly a decade after being diagnosed with MS.

"And she looked at me and said, 'I don't even know what you're talking about. You're gonna be lucky if you can even walk again.'"

Well, Patrick showed her. Sunday will mark his 125th marathon. He's run marathons in all 50 states. And all 10 Canadian provinces.

What's great about this endeavor is it's not just an individual accomplishment nor is it just this group of people supporting each other toward this achievement. In addition to all that, running can actually help alleviate the symptoms of MS, as well.

"I don't know what that is, but it's awesome," Lowry Morgan says. "I want to run all the time, because I don't have the things. I can feel my feet, it's rad."

And they'll all be riding that feeling straight to the finish line on Sunday.

"It's a disease, I'm still gonna do my best to conquer it, even though they say there's no cure, I'm still gonna fight," Jones says. "And I'm gonna keep moving forward."