Veteran WFAA sports anchor Dale Hansen is known for a lot of things: His longevity in the DFW media market, his tumultuous relationship with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, his opinionated commentaries on sports and politics...the list goes on.

But he's also become somewhat of a fashion icon -- at least at Cowboys training camp.

Dale has championed the Hawaiian shirt, wearing them on TV (and, as of this year, on Facebook Live) during Cowboys camp or Rangers spring training.

He admits that the shirts are a sort of shtick, but his love for the shirt transcends a unique look on camera.

"It's an identifying thing that kind of evolved over the years," he said. "But it simply started as something that was cool, comfortable, relatively cheap and fun to wear."

Dale started buying the shirts from a company in Hawaii, but has since upgraded to Tommy Bahama. He says he's bought over 200 Hawaiian shirts, many of which have been given away, and he currently has about 50 in the rotation.

"I just love 'em," he said. "I wore these long before I was an old fat guy. They're great for old fat guys, but I liked 'em when I was about 40 years old...I just like the casualness of it."

Now, not just any Hawaiian shirt is deemed worthy of an appearance in the 10 o'clock sportscast.

"Without a doubt, I sit there and go, 'That one will pop. That one will jump through the screen and make someone go, 'what the heck is that?'"

Hear Dale sing the praises of Hawaiian shirts in the video player above, and check out his training camp look through the years in the photo gallery below or here.

Photos: Dale's Hawaiian shirts through the years